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La Verema del Cava - Institut del Cava


Welcome to the fascinating world of Cava, a sparkling wine with designation of origin, a very long tradition and a unique personality. Elegant and versatile, its much appreciated, highly esteemed, much admired bubbles are obtained by the traditional method whereby the second fermentation and aging take place in the bottle. Cava nowadays represents a standard of quality within and beyond our borders.

Cava. Quality Cavas

History of Cava

Cava as it is known today pays homage to all of those whom with their efforts have contributed to it becoming an exceptional wine. We would like you to take a voyage back in time with us in order to discover the history of cava from its origins to the present day.

Visit the wineries?

From growing of the grape in the vineyard, in the land of Cava each moment is lived with an intense and special emotion. The art of making Cava, its lengthy rest in darkness of the caves and its final uncorking will make your visit a perfect gift to share with your family and friends.

Are you going to miss the chance?

Recipes with Cava

Highly appreciated in gastronomy, Cava provides a wealth of nuances in flavours when making these tasty and original recipes.

Making Cava

Once the grapes have been harvested at their optimum point of ripeness, the complex Cava making process begins in which the experience of the producer and time transform the must into an outstanding sparkling wine.

Types of Cava

Cavas are classified according to different criteria related to aging, sugar content and the grape varieties used.