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Food Pairings

The versatility of Cava makes it the ideal complement to enhance a large variety of flavours. If you follow these tips, you will learn that Cava pairs very well with your favourite dish. Give it a try!

Cava and salads

T he innovative types of salad of today with the use of fruit and ever increasing range of vinegars lead to the fact that increasingly Cava has become the ideal compliment for commencing a meal.

Dry fruit and nuts make this link with cavas of lengthier ageing easier as both have very similar aromatic nuances.

Brut Rosé Cavas are recommended due to their affinity with the bitterness of green leaves. Salads with sweet fruit and cava vinaigrette are the most attractive.

Brut Rosé or Brut Reserva Cava

Cava and Pasta

T The neutral taste of pasta combines well with all Cavas.

All we have to do is use condiments to our taste and combine this with our favourite Cava, based on the type of sauce accompanying the pasta.

As an example with a pasta al pesto, we recommend a Brut Nature Reserva Cava and pasta with a Bolognese sauce with a Brut or Brute Rosé cava in order to act as a buffer to the acidity of the tomato.

Brut Nature, Extra Brut Reserva, Brut or Brut Rosé Cavas

Cava and Rice

One of the best combinations with Cava. This a clear example of Cava becoming the driving force between the flavours. Cavas and the different types of paella or rice in general, make an excellent harmony.

Likewise, Rosé Cava combines surprisingly with a fideuá (type of paella made with noodles).

Brut Nature, Brut Nature Rosé Cava

Cava and Iberian Ham

Iberian Ham particularly accompanied by bread and tomato is ideal for combining with aged Cavas, rich in reduced aromas and aged.

Acorn fed Iberian Ham, with its salty acids and marbled fat should be accompanied with Brut Nature Cavas (for the degreasing effect) and Gran Reserva Cavas( in order to complement and harmonize with the aromas of ageing).

With regard to cooked meat and sausages, normally rich in spices and above all pepper, lengthily aged cavas are the correct combination.

Brut Nature Reserva and Gran Reserva Cavas

Cava and Fish

Cava is an excellent combination with fish. Particularly interesting is the combination with blue fish such as sardines, mackerel, anchovies, bonito, tuna or salmon, as the effect of the carbonic gas helps to compensate the greasy sensation in the mouth.

But Brut Nature Gran Reserva Cava combines perfectly with white fish such as Monkfish, Hake, Bream, Sea Bream etc.

Brut Nature or Brut Reserva or Brut Nature Gran Reserva Cavas

Cava and Shell Fish

HHere we have some very interesting harmonies.

Cava helps to strengthen the flavor and aromatic intensity of sea food. Recommended are cavas with lengthy ageing, with greater personality, such as Gran Reserva Cavas.

Oysters also combine very well with Brut or Brut Nature Reservas. With cockles and clams Gran Reserva Cavas
For shrimps, prawn, muscles, etc we recommend Brut or Brut Nature Reserva Cavas.

Brut or Brut Nature Reserva or Gran Reserva Cavas

Cava and Meat

We emphasize the harmony of Cava with fowl and white meats.

A great combination is chicken or rabbit with Brut Nature Reserva or Gran Reserva Cava.

Cava is also an excellent companion of lamb, stews and carpaccios. Foie Gras combines marvelously with a Brut Gran Reserva or a sweet Cava which will help to offset all the fat. Cava is also ideal with BBQ’s in Spring and Summer.

Brut Nature or Brut Reserva and Gran Reserva Cavas

Cava and Cheese

Although cheeses have always been associated with red wine, there are ideal cheeses for combining with Cava.

There are several similarities between cheese and Cava: the use of yeasts, ageing time, acidity, fineness … All this allows Cava to have the virtue of rounding off and increasing the heightened refreshing sensation in the mouth by strengthening the agreeable effect of the cheese and the Cava itself.

Sheep’s milk cheese and the fattier cheeses are perfect companions for a Rosé Brut or Reserva Cava thanks to its effervescent and degreasing effects. Cow’s or goat’s milk cheeses harmonize particularly well with a Brut Reserva Cava or on the other hand with Semi Dry or Sweet Cava.

Blue cheeses such as Cabrales or Roquefort combine very well with the sweeter Cavas and their effervescence will help to clean the palate.

Brut, Brut Reserva, Semi Dry or Sweet Cavas

Cavas and Desserts

Pastry cooking has also evolved a great deal over the last few years. Much lighter sweet flavours, the use of fresh fruit, the entry of salty flavours all allow for combining with Brut Cavas, be these Reserva or Gran Reserva.

Also, some great sweet Cavas are produced which combine perfectly with a Sacher cake, for example, which will contribute great harmony due to affinity. For red fruit tarts we particularly recommend a Brut Rosé Cava.

Aromas of lengthy ageing combine in an extraordinary manner with dried fruits and nuts in general.

Brut Reserva, Gran Reserva, Rosé and Sweet Cavas