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Home Presentation: Grape Varieties

Grape Varieties

Only certain white and red varieties that are deeply rooted in our land are used for making Cava. These varieties on their own or combined among one another or by combining one or more of them, give Cava its unique character.

Macabeo (o Viura)

M oderate acidity and alcohol content, light fruity and floral when young. Delicately pearly with a light bouquet.


P roduces structured and well balanced wines with good acidity, providing personality and aging potential.


F ruity, fresh and aromatic wines. Moderate acidity, providing fragrance freshness and life to young Cavas.


B alanced wines with body and strong aromas. Good alcohol content. Great persistance in the mouth.

Red Garnacha

B alanced wines, with stable and not very intense colour. Rich alcohol and moderate acidity.

Subirat Parent

Pinot Noir

Aromatic and rich in alcohol. Delicate, great acidity and alcohol balance.


I ntense colour, full bodied. Good alcohol content and balance between alcohol and acidity.


I deal for making rosé Cavas. Little colour intensity. Moderate alcohol content, balanced acidity, light and little body.