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Who we are

Institut del Cava

L’Institut del Cava es una asociación formada por bodegas elaboradoras de Cava pequeñas, medianas y grandes que encuentra sus orígenes a mediados del siglo XX.
The Institut del Cava is an association made up of small, medium and large Cava winemakers who find their origins in the middle of the 20th century.
In terms of production, we represent 76% of the national and international market and 83% of exports.
Our mission is to defend, support and service the companies that manufacture Cava and contribute, through our activities, to the development of the Cava sector.
The history of the Cava Institute dates back to 1946, with the creation of the “Union of Brewers and Manufacturers of Sparkling Wine” (UCEVE), which grouped Sant Sadurní sparkling wine producers.
With the incorporation of Spain into the European Union in 1986 and the creation of the Cava Denomination of Origin, in 1991 the Institut del Cava was founded as a continuation of its predecessor UCEVE, assuming from this moment the functions of representation and defense of the Sector, the promotion of Cava and the promotion of its image, tradition and prestige.