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Maset Winery

Maset Winery

A winery with history
Maset Winery has been associated with wine since 1777, when the Maset del Lleó estate was a fiefdom under the Abbey of Montserrat and the Massana family, the current owners, had to pay a levy to work the land. Since then eight generations of the Massana family have been involved in cultivating the Land on the Maset del Lleó estate.
Vines have constantly been grown here, in spite of the difficulties. Even the devastating phylloxera plague in the 19th century couldn’t destroy this great family tradition. So it was that, in 1917, Francesc Massana made the first Maset cava.
Years later, in 1958, when Maset Winery had already established itself as a wine and cava producer, Antoni Massana bought an old truck and started to distribute fruit, vegetables, wine and cava directly from the Penedès region to the city of Barcelona. That is how one of the distinctive features of Maset Winery came about: direct sales to the consumer.
By means of this direct, personal relationship with its clients, Maset Winery embarked on a fruitful time of expansion that led it to transform and reform the original winery and incorporate state of the art technology, but without losing its distinctively family-oriented character.



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