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Emendis is history, experience, mysticism, tradition and above all future: A new way of understanding wines and cavas, right from the vines to the stimulation of the senses when enjoying a glass.

Emendis is the name of the first lady who lived in the property of the Vallès family: an old stately home in the municpal area of Castellet I la Gornal (Alt Penedés) of which historical records exist from 1186. Today it gives it name to a new celler and to the wines that are made there. It is the particular homage that we wish to make to the persistency and history of this land that were already cultivated with the concept that has been transmitted from generation to generation: work on the Property.

Wines and cavas EMENDIS have been produced with the object of satisfying the preferences of the public at which they are named: all those persons wishing to experience new sensations.
Products with great personality and differences where can be found inside the bottle a  true reflection of its exterior image. Wines and cavas produced only from our own vines on the 48 ha of the property: innovative, original, outstanding…and above all  agreeable and easy to enjoy.



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