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Finca Ca N’Estella

Finca Ca N’Estella

Ca n’Estella has produced wine since 1847. In 1877, at the National Wine Fair in Barcelona, the wines produced by Mr. Joan Estella,  were granted their first award with a mention.
During the second half of the XIX century and during a large part of the XX century, this bodega was one of the most important ones in the Penedes in respect to the extension and amount of grapes it  harvested. A series of antique barrels and two wine presses have been kept from that time.
After the death of Joan Estella the property passed onto the hands of his eldest daughter. These were difficult times: civil war and other circumstances saw the size of the bodega and production of wine reduced considerably. In 1964 the last inheriting daughter of the Estellas died without leaving any descendants and the property was acquired by Delfí Rabetllat, a business man from the Cerdanya Catalana who came to Barcelona in the middle of the XX century. In 1992, when his daughter Mercè Rabetllat and her husband Jaume Vidal joined the company, all  wine activity was reinitiated. Thinking of the future, they decided to pull out a great amount of the vines in the property and replace these with new varieties and more adequately grafted plants. This process carried on until  2001. The first wines produced in the property date from this time:  Clot dels Oms Merlot 1995 and Clot dels Oms Cabernet Sauvignon 1995.
In 1998  Bodegas Ca n’Estella, S.L. was incorporated with the object of developing the business project that commenced to be considered.
In 2002 the third generation of the family joined the company and further investment was made both in the bodega and in the commercial area. At this time, the first Cavas were sold: cava Rabetllat i Vidal Brut Nature and cava Rabetllat i Vidal Brut Ca n’Estella, and new  products and vinifications are explored. During this time the company is reorganised around a professional team complementing the family structure



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