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Juvé y Camps

200 years ago in 1796, Joan Juvé Mir, an entrepreneurial winegrower, with modern ideas set the foundations of the future house Joan Juvé Baqués, viticulturist and famous wine retailer of the region, founded at the beginning of the XX century, the first family cellar. Married to Teresa Camps Ferrer, an exceptional woman and keen co-operator, launches in 1921 their first sparkling wine under the brand name of “Juvé”, made in the underground cellars of the family home in Sant Sadurní d’Anoia. Reliability and professional rigour joined to a name destined to occupy a place of honour.
At the beginning of the 40’s the two sons Josep and Joan Juvé Camps, join the company, and provide a boost to its development which materialises in the construction of a new cellar in the outskirts of the town. Years later, they joined the management of the company, giving a new impulse to its development, which was translated into reality with the construction of a new bodega on the outskirts of the town; years later, under their management, a profound expansion of the vineyards, cellars and underground caves took place, consolidated at the end of the 60’s by the grandchildren of the founders. Its development over the three generations, of fathers and sons, is once again realized with the construction, commenced in 1991, in the best Chateau style, of a bodega for production and ageing of wines and cavas, in the vineyard at Espiells. Constructed by the architect of the family, Josep Juvé Raventós, it is one of the most modern bodegas in the country, culminating a viticulture project born over 200 years ago, which commenced to be converted into a business reality by Joan and Teresa.



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08770 Sant Sadurní d’Anoia


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