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The etymology of Rovellats (10th century) lies in a Latin adjective “robiculum” (in Catalan “rovell”) meaning mildewed, and is probably due to the location of the estate which occupies a meandering curve of the river Foix and is very humid. That’s the reason why our products have the name Rovellats.

With the Rovellats estate having existed as such for well over 500 years, the prestige and seriousness of this family company are assured, with three generations dedicated to elaborate best quality cavas by the traditional method.

Following the philosophy of seeking the optimum quality, Rovellats has based the success on strict production control, with an exclusive dependence on our own harvests, obtained from our own vineyards planted with the traditional varieties of vines Parellada, Xarel•lo and Macabeo for cavas and white wines (Chardonnay as well).

On the Rovellats domain the traditional varieties of vine, such as Macabeo, Xarel•lo and Parellada are between 30 and 60 years old, and the average production from these vines is around 7,000 kg. per hectare, way below the average productivity levels of the Penedés regions as a whole, one of the reasons for its excellence in qualitative terms.

Both of these premises justify the guaranteed quality of the product, insofar as the extensive root growth of old vines counteracts the climactic deficits of any given year and provides the essential balance of the grapes of our harvest.

About red varieties, as well from our own lands, we work with Monastrell, Garnacha, Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Sauvignon for rosé and red wines.

Rovellats production is divided 80% in cava and the rest of 20% in still wines.

Harvesting is done by hand, when the grape is fully ripe, and offers a perfect sugar-acidity relationship, avoiding the need for corrections to be made later on, at the cellar, and ensuring a product that is completely natural from its origins.

This is followed by a rigorous selection of musts and first soft pressing to obtain maximum quality, with the consequent sacrifice in terms of production quantities, obtaining the basic wine for our cavas that will develop the ageing, or maturing inside the bottle, at the underground cellars “cavas”, at a depth of 12 m. at constant and natural levels of humidity (98%) and temperature (13ºC), in the purest Champagne tradition.

The coupage of the different cavas have been studied in such a way that, in the case of the Gran Reserva Brut Nature there is no addition of expedition liquors (no added sugar) to obtain an optimum blending, resulting in aromatic fruity and creamy products that are fresh and elegant with their own personality.

All of the products reflect the grand reserve and matured seal, with an ageing varying between a minimum of two and up to eight years, allowing for the complete development of aromas and bouquets, leading to the Organoleptic optimisation of the product.

The same commitment is used with the still white, rose and red wines, all produced in limited and numbered reserves.

Our prestige and serious commercial approach have been further endorsed by the most important international oenological distinctions, being widely awarded internationally in France, Italy, Great Britain, Belgium, Canada and, of course, Spain.
As well Rovellats appears every year at the ranking of the best cavas at the most popular Wine Guides such as Peñin, etc.

The market in Spain is concentrated in the top and medium level restaurants and specialised shops – delicatessen.

Export market is about 24% of our production.

Rovellats is as well specialized in wine tourism since the sixties, when we started receiving visits to the estate.
Cavas Rovellats was included in the itineraries of “Industrial Tourism” from the Generalitat de Catalonia, as well as in the Program Dionysius of the European Union. As well has been recognized by the Activities Guide from Barcelona Tourism and the Wine and Cava Routes of Penedès.
A full visit of the Rovellats property is unforgettable.

The “Masia” estate house consists of a group of buildings with Medieval architectural origins (10th – 15th centuries) which was a little village named Rovellats.
The various buildings include vestiges of the mentioned periods, surrounded by a Modernistic- style garden, in a closed area around which the family vineyards stretch away, 5 km. from Vilafranca del Penedès.

Visit the main building, (Xth to XVth centuries) which gave its name to Rovellats, the Chapel of the Holy Virgin of Montserrat, presided by a reproduction of the original image, identical in size and shape. The museum, with collections of publicity posters of the Modernistic period (1920-1960) and ancient bottles. The cellar for production of wine-base, and finally the underground cellars-caves (12 m. deep) for the cava maturing, that show an architectonic radial structure which is unique in worldwide.

The visit will be guided by one of our experts ending with a friendly tasting of one of our cava Gran Reserva at the Modernistic terrace in the gardens.

For branch people or specifically interested in the cava subject, a professional tasting may be organized, and all sort of leisure activities.



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